Steel Industry


Durosa was founded in 1982 dedicated primarily to provide maintenance services to the steel industry. From its origins the company has been giving full fabrication, machining, and installation services to the industry acquiring great manufacturing experience of all its process equipment. We do not provide process engineering, only detailing and fabrication. Our vast knowledge on manufacturing, installation and maintenance has made us the best option for all our Customers.

  • Blast Furnace/BOF Structure and Components
  • EAF (Superstructure, Metal Panels for Shell and Roof, Frames for Shell and Roof, Water Cooled Ductwork and drop out Box, Lifting Systems, Gantry Beams, Balancing Beams).
  • LF Ladle Furnaces
  • Scrap Baskets
  • Transfer Cars
  • CCM (Structure, Parts and Components, Tundishes, Tundish Tilters, Tundish Lifting Components, Tundish Slide Valves, Oxygen Cutting Roller Tables)
  • Fume Full Treatment Systems (Primary Fume Treatment, Water and Steam Cooled Pipelines, Cooling Towers (Quenching Towers), Axial and Vertical Cyclones, Secundaty Fume Extraction Hoods, Secundary Fume Exhaust Systems, Dust Bag Houses , Bag Filters, Dust Silos, Chimneys)
  • Water Treatment (Sand Filter Tanks, Elevated Tanks).
  • Machines, Consumables and Spare parts.