EngineeringYour complete manufacturing solution

Manufacturing Optimization

Our team has over 30 combined years of experience in metal fabrications and machining and will work with you directly to ensure your project is designed for manufacturability, resulting in least cost, highest quality and rapid turnaround. From a CAD model, we are able to develop the complete manufacturing process providing our customers with a finished prototype and a manufacturing schedule plan. If required, we can always optimize your CAD models for manufacturing purposes and perform a computer simulation of the machining process. By analyzing the fabrication and machining process chain from both a manufacturing and cost perspective we would ensure technical optimizations as well as economic competitiveness



ASME Pressure Vessels

Durosa offers ASME Pressure Vessel Engineering and Design services using the latest software technology on the market. We are able to rapidly process prototype 3D models that would let us quickly evaluate the production, shipping and field erection processes. With our great team of experts we can assure you that you will get the best proposal in engineering at the lowest cost.

Steel Detailing

With Tekla, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Pro/Engineer experience our team of engineers can tackle any challenges. Early stage modeling helps cut down possible engineering errors and provides us an easy-to-use platform to view, comprehend and be able to modify parts in a virtual environment.

Fabrication and erection drawings

We have great experience in working with different standards, languages and drawing types. Our great team of engineers would quickly transform your design project into manufacturing shop drawings for proper manufacturing. We would also create and analyze all erection drawings in order to have a proper, agile and safe installation of your projects on site.

API-650 tank designs

With the latest and most integrated softwares on the market we are able to rapidly design, calculate and estimate any kind of above-ground shop-built and field-erected storage tanks, including 2205 Duplex SS, Alloy 20 steel and many special alloy materials. Our team of professionals will completely model, detail, create calculation reports, and generate .CNC files on a single platform resulting in extremely high time reductions and minimising the risks of costly fabrication errors.

Product design assist

We will work with you in order to transform great ideas into top quality engineering designs and at the lowest manufacturing cost on the market.

CNC Programming

At Durosa we decided to built up a team of process engineers which have an outstanding ability to rapidly simulate all CNC machining operations and analyze the complete plan for your order, working times, proper clamping methods, optimum tools, etc. They will program all CNC operations keeping all operational risks at the lowest levels.

Money-saving improvements

Our in-house programming department can tackle any geometrical design using CAD drawings, blueprints, templates, drawings or the actual part. We have special expertise in solids modeling and production engineering for manufacturing and are often able to suggest money-saving improvements to a customer’s existing design.