Power Generation


At Durosa we understand that in the Power Generation Industry, safety and durability are crucial considerations when dealing with any type of metal equipment or structure. Not only our fabrications must withstand environmental and industrial fundamentals, but it also must meet rigorous government standards for occupational and industrial safety of the different locations it would end up working in. I can tell you for certain that Durosa has a long track record in heavy steel fabrications and its flexible manufacturing process makes it capable of producing a wide range of components for many different applications, from skids to complex turbine equipment, without neglecting any of your specifications.

  • Industrial Skids
  • Industrial Exhaust Systems. (Diffusers, Plenum and Gas Turbine Exhaust ducts, Exhaust Stacks, Thermal Insulation).
  • Acoustical Components (Vent Silencers, diffusers, other silencers).
  • Dampers and expansion joints. (Diverters, Dampers, expansion joints).
  • Boiler Components (Combustion Chambers, Heat Exchanger, Heat recovery steam generators, Feedwater tanks, Pressure Vessels, Expansion Tanks, Spray Deaerators, High Pressure and Low Pressure Coolers, High Pressure and Low Pressure Preheaters, Duct work, etc.)
  • Metal Enclosures