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Surface Preparation

Prior to the application of coatings or linings, metal surfaces must be properly and adequately prepared to remove contaminants that may adversely affect coating adhesion and to roughen the surface in order to achieve a mechanical bond. The degree and type of surface preparation will vary depending on the type of metal surface to be coated and the intended service. We know that a proper surface inspection and preparation is a key factor in any successful coating, lining or topping project, this is why our people are prepared professionals committed to do their best taking all necessary precautions to deliver you the best surface finished products.



Our Services

Within our services we offer in-house:

  • Sand blast
  • Pickling
  • Passivation
  • Painting
  • Being able to also outsource galvanising and other metal surface finishes with our most respected certified
  • contractors.


Outstanding finishes

In Durosa we all understand the importance of appearance. What people see is what they would perceive about your professionalism, your seriousness, your trustfulness and your abilities. Our team would take the necessary measures to ensure your product would look astounding and of course serve its purpose.

Our experience

At Durosa we have a lot of experience serving industries with very special products, products with very extreme specifications that require very strict precautions. Our knowledge on the preparation and application of High solid epoxy and polyurethane coatings makes us your best option for all your products exposed to extreme weather conditions or highly aggressive quimicals.