Agriculture, Construction, Mining & Earth Moving


Our fabrication and machining shops are able to manufacture a great variety of conversions and attachment tools for heavy machinery. With many years of work we have proved to our OEM customers that Durosa has the quality and experience needed for the successful manufacturing of their parts and subassemblies. With very dynamic facilities and a versatile team of experts we are able to adapt and perform to your lead times and necessities.

We are proud to mention that among the industries served are the construction, aggregate, mining, agriculture, landscaping, land clearing and recycle industries.

  • Attachment tools (Buckets, Thumbs, Rippers, Rakes, Forks, Blades, Mobile Shears, Sorting and Demolition Grapples, Material handling arms, Truss Booms, Etc.).
  • Parts and Components (Driver/Motor Stands, Couplers, Booms & dippers sticks, Blades, Mounting Brackets, Frames, Transmission Supports, Shafts, Spindles, etc.).