Pulp & Paper


In 2013 we started our relationship with the Pulp & Paper Industry. Proudly providing manufacturing services for both the capital and service markets. Durosa is capable to work with heavy process equipment that would ship in up to 20 platforms or unique small spare parts that would fit in the palm of your hand. Our certifies and skilled welders, ironworkers and operators are able to handle materials including Austenitic Stainless Steels, Duplex SS, and a great variety of wear plates.

Wood handling equipment (Log handling conveyors, Barking Drum, Chippers, Chip Handling and Storage Equipment, Bark Handling and Storage Equipment).

Chip washers (Separators & Drainers).

Industrial Boilers and Boiler Components.

Process Equipment.

Storage Silos.


Pressure Vessels.

Spare parts (Machined Weldments, Columns, Rods, Shafts, Arms, Covers, Enclosures, Bearings, Housings, Couplings, Supports, Guides, Brackets, Rings, Machined Plates, Frames, Skids, etc.