MachiningHigh Precision Machining

Our Capabilities

Our machine shop offer a full array of CNC high precision machining capabilities. From small to large machining, we are able to accommodate even the most complex precision machined parts.

Machining Processes

Turning: This task basically consists in rotating the principal component to be machined towards the cutting tool, removing metal to form a particular shape. It is most typically used for reshaping and resizing original materials.

Milling: Milling processes or operations are the ones that a cutter or grinder is used to remove metal, in this scenarios typically the metal component to be machined is fixed in a table and the tool moves to create the particular form desired.

Drilling: Drilling is typically known for using a rotating cutter with precise edges to be able to cut metal making detail holes to desired measures.

Boring: Boring is the process of enlarging a hole that is already in the material or work piece; it may be of a hole allready in the casting, forge or weldment or it can be made by drilling the part. Boring concerns the internal diameter and the surface of the hole rather than the depth of the hole.

High Precision Machining

High precision machining could be defined as a process where material is removed from a component to the highest tolerance and at the smallest measurable degree. Regularly for being able to accomplish a high precision machined surface CNC Precision machinery is used. There are several factor that would affect the quality and precision of your cut, from which we would like to outline the following:

  • Knowledge and skill
  • Proper tooling
  • Correct clamping.
  • High Precision CNC Machinery
  • Regular and Proper Maintenance to the machines.
  • Correct programing.
  • Operator focus.
Process Planning

At Durosa we utilize the latest Computer-Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software which let fully visualize the operations before they are actually performed. A recreated model and a simulation of the machining process allow our process engineers to prepare the best manufacturing plan, by analyzing and designing better clamping fixtures, having a better workload distribution of the machining operations and preparing the correct tools to avoid any kind of setbacks.

Complete Coordination

Our ERP software let us organize and control all of our work centers, having a great planning team and measuring the performance of our daily operations we are able to guarantee our customers with outstanding on-time deliveries.